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Construction timber available in our offer is made from conifers. You can choose two variants: KVH-Si, which works well for visible structures such as gazebos or terraces, or KVH-NSi for invisible structures, i.e. typical wood framed structures, e.g. a roof truss. We are convinced that the wood will meet all expectations due to its very good preparation, humidity at the level of 15% ± 3%, 4-step planning and milled edges. KVH timber structures are durable, safe and very attractive all at the same time. It can't get any better, right?

KVH construction timber is mainly used for building walls in frame constructions, ceiling constructions, as well as for creating roof trusses. It can be used to build terraces, gazebos, garages, pergolas and mezzanines. This wood can be used in the implementation of many structures, and most importantly, it is very easy to use. It is characterized by a very high resistance to external factors, it is not afraid of difficult weather conditions, so you can sleep peacefully in a building made of these materials. We guarantee that you will find the best quality wood in our offer.

Construction timber C24 - guaranteed high quality of construction

Spruce and pine wood from the northern regions of Scandinavia have very well-known construction qualities. That is why we decided to include them in our offer. We want our clients to have access to durable and resistant construction materials of the highest quality. C24 wood is an excellent natural, durable and aesthetically pleasing construction material. Due to the fact that it comes from a harsh climate, it is very resistant and highly hardened. It is an ideal material for the construction of many structures, e.g. summer and modular/prefab houses.

Construction timber c24 is characterized by a humidity of 18% ± 2% and a thermal conductivity of 0.13 W / (m-k). We are one of the few companies on the market to offer a quality guarantee on our wood. If it does not meet certain standards, you are entitled to complain. This confirms that we are sure of the quality of the materials we deliver to our clients. You are purchasing treated, smooth-surfaced wood with an attractive appearance and sold at a fair price that reflects its quality. C24 wood is offered in many dimensions in terms of length, width and thickness, so you can adjust individual boards to your needs.

Wood for the walls in frame houses

CLT boards are multi-layer structures made of solid wood, characterized by a low content of ecological glue and being environmentally friendly. The boards are able to withstand heavy loads, are fireproof, have very well-developed thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Importantly, they regulate humidity in a room. The house creates a microclimate that is very good for your health, and which has a positive effect on the well-being of its inhabitants. In both summer and winter you will feel exceptional comfort in your interiors. Design and construction with the use of these materials will be very quick and efficient. Wood for the walls, which we offer, ensures safety due to its resistance to high temperatures, ideal load-bearing capacity and resistance to static loads. It will survive for hundreds of years thanks to its great resistance to any kind of damage. For a minimum of 100 years, buildings constructed of CLT panels will be successfully used by generations. It is worth noting that the construction of houses made of this material is carried out at a very fast pace, which is a significant saving of time and money. Components ready for assembly are delivered to the construction site. It takes only 3 days to assemble a house with an area of ​​150 m2! It can't get any better, right?

Wood for roofs that will last over 100 years!

The roof is one of the most important structural elements of any home. It must be durable, resistant to all kinds of damage, and above all, it must protect the building against unfavourable weather conditions. For this to be the case, it must be made of the best materials. In our offer you will get everything you need to make a solid roof for years. Roof trusses are made of KVH wood, which has very good technical parameters in terms of humidity and resistance to all external factors. The roof can also be made of CLT boards, which are ready for assembly.

Wood for the roof that you can find in our offer is very solid and durable. It is able to withstand incredible loads. All this means that it will survive peacefully for a minimum of 100 years. Generations will be able to enjoy your work and the decision to create a home from exceptional materials, not only beautifully looking but also durable. You can have real pride in such buildings. Importantly, they are created very quickly. You do not have to worry that the construction of the roof will take a long time, because the entire building is built in only 3! It's amazing how technology has moved forward. You do not have to wait several years for the final results, but only a few days.


Additionally, we offer professional woodworking, which will be performed by engineers and experienced carpenters.

If you are interested or you do not know which service will be best for you, contact us - we will help advise you!